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Here are some helpful tips and recommendations to help you install your StyleMyMac. Its so easy that you can just peel & stick!

  1. Using a dry cloth, wipe the surface of the MacBook or iPad to remove any dust, dirt or particles which could hinder your StyleMyMac from sticking.
  2. Remove your StyleMyMac from the packaging and squeegee the graphic onto the transfer mask. Proceed to remove the paper backing from your StyleMyMac.
  3. Carefully align the graphic with the Apple Logo. Once in the correct position, apply smooth, equal pressure to the sticker and product.
  4. Using a credit card, dqueegee the graphic firmly onto the surface of your MacBook or iPad to remove any air bubbles or wrinkling that may occur.
  5. After the stick has been smoothly applied, remove the transfer mask at a 45degree angle. Enjoy!

They are completely removable and so easy to use! For a quick change of décor for your electronics and simple installation with no mess or pastes, choose StyleMyMac!